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  • JS1 - Ep 1: How to Avoid Staying Unemployed

    Your students will see the top 10 things people do, or don’t do, that keep them unemployed and what to do instead. They’ll learn specific job skills they can use to find a job and that being employed is not a matter of good luck, who you know, or even a matter of talent!
    Segments include how to...

  • JS1 - Ep 2: How to Avoid Irritating Co-Workers

    Your students will learn what is most irritating to co-workers, and what to do instead. Humorous vignettes make this topic crystal-clear.
    Segments include the job skills of appearing friendly, avoiding distraction, respecting personal space, respecting work rules, maintaining good body hygiene, ...

  • JS1 - Ep 3: How to Avoid Irritating the Boss

    The Stanfield Comedy Players have a field day with this topic. The top 10 ways to irritate the boss are illustrated along with what to do instead.
    Segments include the job skills of avoiding taking too many breaks, being on time, staying at assigned work stations, avoiding personal calls, discou...

  • JS2 - Ep 4: How to Get a Promotion

    Your students will learn the top 10 job skills employees need to be considered for a promotion, and that even with strong job skills, a bad attitude or work ethic would be noticed.
    Segments include the job skills of getting along well with others, showing enthusiasm, communicating a willingness ...

  • JS2 - Ep 5: How to Avoid Getting Fired

    Your students will see actions and behaviors that can result in immediate termination and the top 10 ways to avoid being fired.
    Segments include the job skills of treating customers with respect, obeying safety rules, not harassing co-workers, being honest, obeying supervisor’s orders, not steal...

  • JS2 - Ep 6: How to Avoid Getting Hurt on the Job

    Your students will learn the 10 most common ways people get hurt at work and the 10 ways to work safely.
    Segments include the job skills of wearing personal protective equipment, operating equipment at proper speeds, machinery precautions, using the right tool for the job, avoiding defective too...