DateSmart 1+2

DateSmart 1+2

In DateSmart, students discover the most important behaviors related to dating in this age of sexually transmitted diseases and teen pregnancy.Students are challenged to make wise choices in potentially difficult and/or awkward situations. They are asked to consider and question their own dating standards, as well as to examine their values about love and sex. DateSmart gives students much-needed tools to help them make safe and healthy decisions for themselves as well as others. Your students will learn the importance of clear communication and mutual respect. Your students will also learn the NotSmart and DateSmart ways to set boundaries, remain abstinent, say no and avoid the consequences of sexual harassment.

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DateSmart 1+2

6 Videos

  • DS1 - Ep 1: The Art of Saying "No"

    Students will learn to respond to common lines and to use the "I'll pass" refusal model.
    Segments include responding to common lines, using the “I’ll Pass Refusal Model, and more!

  • DS1 - Ep 2: How to Practice Abstinence

    Students will learn that the best way to support a decision for abstinence is to avoid being in situations where that decision could be seriously tested. Abstinence conflicts and choices are clearly illustrated, along with a second illustration of the delivery of the “I’ll P.A.S.S.” refusal model...

  • DS1 - Ep 3: How to Protect Boundaries

    Students will learn the importance of establishing and maintaining appropriate intimacy boundaries around touch, conversation, and physical settings.
    Segments include protecting personal space, maintaining touch and conversation intimacy levels appropriate to the relationship, sticking to prede...

  • DS2 - Ep 4: How Girls Can Avoid Getting Into Trouble

    Female students will see what they can do to avoid the possibility of exploitation. Note: It’s never a girl’s fault if she is victimized; however, women can take precautions by not sending mixed or confusing messages.
    Segments include dating older guys, loss of defenses from drugs and alcohol, g...

  • DS2 - Ep 5: How Guys Can Avoid Getting Into Trouble

    Male students will learn to avoid the most common ways guys get into trouble, from dating a minor to getting a girl pregnant. They’ll also learn about how hard the law can be with men who don’t listen to “No.”
    Segments include supporting a partner’s “no”, mistaking flirting for permission, think...

  • DS2 - Ep 6: Understanding the Sexes

    One of the most common reasons guys get into trouble with girls is that they believe girls think the same way about intimate human relationships as they do. In this show, students will learn that women and men really do think differently!
    Segments include the battle of the sexes, male perception...