First Impressions Dress

First Impressions Dress

Dress makes the man or woman, especially when making a first impression. Knowing how to dress is just a matter of following a few simple rules. Teach students people skills like how to dress to impress.
The Dress module teaches your students how to choose well fitting clothes and dress in a timeless, classic-style using colors that are mistake-proof in coordination. It also teaches students how our clothes affect how others see us.

Dress can make the man/woman…especially when making a First Impression. We all know we shouldn’t “judge a book by its cover,” but we can’t help it. Whether we like it or not, how we dress ourselves affects how others size us up. Fortunately knowing how to dress is easy and doesn’t cost a lot of money—it’s just a matter of following a few very simple rules.


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First Impressions Dress
  • FI - Mod 3 Dress - Ep 1

    Students will learn the importance of "packaging" in selling anything and how dress affects others see us. Student will learn to identify the FIVE key elements to consider when choosing clothes: fit, condition, coordination, appropriateness, and accessories.

  • FI - Mod 3 Dress - Ep 2

    Students will learn to identify "neutral"vs. "other colors," the benefits of a "classic style," the social and practical advantages of buying high status "brand name" apparel, basic style of footwear (different for males and females), basic pieces of a "mistake-proof" wardrobe (different for male...