MoneySmart 1+2

MoneySmart 1+2

The key thrust of the MoneySmart Social Skills series is its emphasis on intelligent shopping and management of funds.
Students are challenged to rethink the modern idea that “the one with the most material items wins.” Smart handling of money will give them more freedom than a mountain of bills and will equip them with the tools to handle their finances efficiently.

Financial Knowledge is especially critical in our society where consumer spending and debt are at record levels and bankruptcies are commonplace. It is also critical for students to be able to recognize and evaluate the sales ploys thrown at them, whether shopping in person or through the mass media. Being a savvy shopper and a wise money manager requires students to evaluate their needs and wants and to make judgments on how to best meet both. Look at this series as a toolbox that students can access to build and repair their finances today and into the future.


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MoneySmart 1+2
  • MS1 - Ep 1: How to Avoid Being a Compulsive Shopper

    Students will learn the pitfalls of compulsive shopping and why savvy shoppers: comparison shop; wait for items to go on sale and verify return-ability.
    Segments include waiting for items to go on sale, comparison shopping, checking for added costs, checking warranties, verifying ability to retu...

  • MS1 - Ep 2: How to Avoid Being a Spendthrift

    Teaches the most common ways people throw money away and how to: control credit card spending; look for the quantity discount; and use coupons and rebates.
    Segments include avoiding credit debt, using coupon and rebate offers, finding quantity discounts, buying based on need rather than want, an...

  • MS1 - Ep 3: How to Be a Savvy Shopper

    Teaches your students common shopping mistakes and tips on how to avoid problems by: buying only products with respected brands; buying only from major retailers; and resisting common high-pressure sales lines.
    Segments include buying from major retailers. buying brand names. checking/saving rec...

  • MS2 - Ep 4: How to Avoid Blowing Your Budget

    Teaches how to avoid making budget-busting mistakes, make a budget, buy what’s needed before what’s wanted, and establish a payment schedule.
    Segments include making a budget, paying monthly bills, putting needs before wants, setting money aside for emergencies, lending money, borrowing money, a...

  • MS2 - Ep 5: How to Avoid Being Duped or Scammed

    Teaches how to recognize common scams and rip-offs and what to avoid, including falling for TV scams and buying anything over the telephone.
    Segments include mail scams, buying over the phone, listening to solicitors, buying mail order, answering chain letters, pre-paying, giving cash to panhand...

  • MS2 - Ep 6: How to Be Safe While Shopping

    Teaches how to shop safely and reduce the chances of being exploited while shopping by not flashing cash or expensive purchases; refusing to disclose personal information and correctly carrying purse or wallet.
    Segments include how to avoid being pick-pocketed, avoiding flashing money/expensive ...