SafetySmart 1+2

SafetySmart 1+2

Now your students don’t have to learn safety the hard way. Using SafetySmart, students will learn social skills & ways of avoiding the hazards of daily life including safety for at home, work, and on the street.
The main theme of the SafetySmart Module is to present simple behaviors and practices that will keep people safe and unharmed in the home, on the job and on the street. Students are challenged to rethink common tendencies of everyday activities to become safer and smarter in their lives. In the home there are many dangers and hazards that are present. There are also ways to minimize these dangers and make the home a safe and comfortable place, which is the main reason people live in homes. By using the SafetySmart tips and common sense, students can remain safe and unharmed in their homes. On the street is where most people believe there is the most danger. Part of the reason is that we have little or no control over our surroundings and the people who we come into contact with while on the street. All of the SafetySmart skills presented for keeping your students safe on the street are centered on remaining alert and cautious about situations and people. SafetySmart also teaches students how to be safe when using public transportation and about the community services available in an emergency, as well as how and when to utilize these services.


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SafetySmart 1+2
  • SS1 - Ep 1: How to Be Safe at Home

    Students will learn how to avoid injuries at home including: safety in the kitchen and bathroom; safety using electrical cords and appliances; and safeguarding against house fires.
    Segments include avoiding bathroom falls, cooking safely, using smoke detectors, keeping electrical appliances awa...

  • SS1 - Ep 2: How to Be Safe as a Pedestrian

    Students will learn basic pedestrian safety including: crosswalk savvy and defensive walking, how to pick a safe route/avoiding shortcuts; and responding to being followed.
    Segments include crosswalk safety, defensive walking near traffic, recognizing dangerous streets, choosing safe routes to a...

  • SS1 - Ep 3: How to Safe Using Transportation

    Students will learn transportation safety including using a bus schedule; self-protection and safety on the bus; and saying “no” to drivers who have been drinking alcohol.
    Segments include bus safety rules, how to avoid being robbed, carrying correct change, following the bus schedule, bus stop ...

  • SS2 - Ep 4: How to Use Fire Department Resources

    Students will learn basic home fire safety and when and how to call 911. Also identifies the variety of fire department services, and fire extinguisher/smoke detector use & maintenance.
    Segments include identifying fire department services, when to call the fire department, how/when to call 911...

  • SS2 - Ep 5: How to Contact and Interact With Police

    Students will learn the dos and don’ts of interacting with the police, how the police can help in non-emergencies; cooperating with law enforcement; and contacting 911 successfully.
    Segments include police department’s function in the community, developing a positive attitude toward the police, ...

  • SS2 - Ep 6: How to Access Free Health Care

    Students will learn how to recognize when medical care is needed and how to receive health care even without money for services. Students will also learn about various ER services and will be given first aid tips.
    Segments include common medical emergencies, emergency room services, when to go ...

  • SS2 - Ep 7: How to Get Help from a Pharmacy

    Students will learn how to use the pharmacist as a health consultant and provides information about over-the-counter vs. prescription drugs.
    Segments include pharmacy services, legal drugs vs. illegal drugs, prescription drugs vs. over-the-counter drugs, getting prescription filled, using the p...